The Brain and Mental Health
The Brain and Mental Health

Am I Mentally Healthy?

In our last post, we explored “What is Mental Health?”

Do you remember the answer?   No worries.  This isn’t a test…just yet.

Mental Health is one of the 6 health types that make up who we are. Of these six, Mental Health is key to our ability to initiate and maintain relationships, our personal and emotional well-being and our ability to contribute to community or society.

“But, how do I know if I am mentally healthy?” is the next question I usually hear.

Well, that’s a much harder one to answer. And while a medical diagnosis is best left up to the discretion of highly trained professionals, I have included below a questionnaire designed to help you measure your overall level of mental health.

The Questionnaire* consists of 3 parts, scored individually. And while it is by no means a list of all the characteristics of mentally healthy people, it is commonly accepted by most professionals and, therefore, can be used as a good start.

Before you begin the questionnaire below, I suggest you set aside 10 – 15 minutes where you can be alone, uninterrupted. While the questions themselves are relatively easy, taking the time to assess your past actions and come up with an honest answer may not be.

Am I Mentally Healthy?

Below are some characteristics by which those people who are mentally healthy can be identified. Please check all that do NOT apply.

1. Self-Acceptance: (Check all that do NOT apply)

          _____I respect myself.

          _____I am accepting of my shortcomings.

          _____I exercise control over my emotions.

          _____I am able to resign myself to the truly inevitable.

          _____I am able to face the realities of life.

          _____I am able to laugh at myself.

          _____I can own up to my mistakes and make efforts to overcome them.

_______ Tally the Number of Checkmarks for Section 1.

2. Acceptance of Others: (Check all that do NOT apply)

_____I am able to give love.

          _____I am able to consider the interests of others.

          _____I am able to establish and maintain satisfying personal relationships.

          _____I am able to stimulate trust in other people.

          _____I am able to like and trust other people.

          _____I am able to respect individual differences.

          _____I have respect for the individual’s human dignity and rights.

          _____I am socially adaptable.

          _____I am able to cooperate with others.

_______ Tally the Number of Checkmarks for Section 2.

3.  Ability to Meet Life’s Demands: (Check all that do NOT apply)

_____I can do something about my problems when they arise.

_____I can accept responsibility.

_____I can share my environment.

_____I can adjust to the environment around me.

_____I am making use of my potentials and capacities.

_____I set realistic goals for myself.

_____I think for myself and make my own decisions.

_____I put forth my best effort in most things.

_____I derive satisfaction from whatever it is I am doing.

_____I accept Change is a part of life.

_____I face my problems.

_____I know refusing to face my problems is not the best way of solving them.

_______ Tally the Number of Checkmarks for Section 3.

_______ Total Number of Checkmarks for ALL Sections; 1, 2 & 3.

A total of 6 or more checkmarks indicates your mental health could use some work.  You may want to consider discussing the results of this quiz with a certified mental health professional.
If after completing this quiz you would like to explore various means of improving your mental health, you are in luck.  The Spiritual Mall carries a wide variety of products focused on helping you do that just that.  From our guided meditations, to our books on spirituality, to our unique selection of products focused specifically on Health and Wellbeing, we’re sure to have something to help you.

Please join us next time while we continue to explore what it means to be mentally healthy.

Until then, here’s wishing you great health and much happiness.

Peggy Roosa

Written by: Peggy Roosa, Communication Director,


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* Mental Health, by Nelson Group, LinkedIn SlideShare.

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