Believing the Impossible

I was thinking this morning about something that was written in Alice in Wonderland, where the Queen says to Alice, “Alice, tell me what happened tomorrow.”

Alice answers back, “I can’t tell you what happened tomorrow. It’s impossible to tell you what happened tomorrow.”

The Queen then says to Alice, “My dear, I would dare say you simply have not had much practice. Why, when I was your age, I used to practice believing ten impossible things before breakfast. And besides that Alice, it’s a pretty poor memory that only works in one direction.”

What Lewis Carroll was telling us is that we have capacities of imagination and visualization that are ours to use or to ignore. When the human mind is tempting us to say, “Well that’s impossible,” he’s telling us to practice believing beyond the boundaries of what we’ve known.

So if you could choose what your life would be like six months from now, tell me what happened tomorrow. If you went beyond the boundaries of what you’ve known, what might you imagine and be willing to claim?

It might seem impossible, but this is the part I really like. Today let’s begin to practice believing in some impossible things, and then release God in our life to do what only God can do…the impossible.

An excerpt from The Miracle Minute by best selling author, speaker and transformational coach, Mary Morrissey

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