Capturing the Spirit of Christmas

During this season of Christmas carols, twinkling lights and pumpkin spice lattes, it just seems easier for us to remember to show kindness to others. We drop spare change into the Salvation Army bucket when we pass, donate food and toys to the less fortunate, we give gifts to each other, and many of us even take time to volunteer.

And it’s wonderful that we do have this season of Christmas to remind us each year to love others just a little more. It helps us get outside ourselves more than we do the rest of the year.

But why do so many of us wait until Christmas to get into the Christmas spirit?

We can bring the magic of Christmas into our everyday lives by choosing to be fully present in our interactions with others. We can do this by looking checkout clerk in the eyes and smile. We can put our smart phones down and give our loved ones our full attention when they speak to us. We can offer a hug to a friend who we know is having a tough day. We can smile instead of curse when someone cuts us off in traffic. We can hold the door, offer a true compliment, say thank you more often, and take time to lend a neighbor a helping hand.

When we meet life with kindness, service and awareness, we can experience Christmas every day!

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