Choosing a Satisfying Career

Are you stuck in an unsatisfying job? When you turn your attention to focusing on what you want in a job, rather than searching for a job title, you open up new possibilities. Have you ever chosen a job, only to be disappointed because it doesn’t match up to your expectations? If you choose a job that matches the qualities you want, and supports your influences from the 6 paths, you are more likely to be satisfied. Consider these key points when choosing a job.

The Four Elements
In astrology and palmistry there are four elements; earth, air, water, and fire. Refer to your astrological chart and your hand analysis to see your elemental make-up.

1. Fire
If you have a majority of fire elements, you would do best in a people oriented job where you can shine in limelight. You need a career that offers leadership opportunities, lots of change and activity. Your element is about vision, so you need a career where you can make a change in the world.

2. Earth
Earth people like job security and opportunities to be creative. A job that allows you to keep busy and productive will keep you happy. Working in nature, or creating things that add more efficiency to the world are your best bets.

3. Air
If you have a majority of air elements, get a job that will keep you mentally stimulated. You need a career that allows you to get your ideas across to the world. Jobs that incorporate some form of writing and speaking would be beneficial.

4. Water
If you are high in the water element, find a place where there is a clear direction and goals for you to meet. People or animal contact is stimulating for you. An environment that is mentally, physically and emotionally nurturing will keep you happy. Also, a career that is focused on serving and aiding the world would suit you well.

The Four Iris Types

Your iris constitution will also aid you to identify qualities that should be present in the jobs you seek. Take a close look at these guidelines for optimal job success.

Flower: You need a job that allows for self-expression. Choose jobs that put you in contact with people, and offer you the freedom to create.

Stream: Choose professions that are stable and supportive. You would do well in careers that focus on healing, ethics, the environment, and teamwork. If these qualities are absent, you may withdraw and your natural sensitivity will be tuned out.

Jewel: No matter what career you choose, you can rise to the top and attain positions of authority. You need a place where you can be the leader and use your awesome mental power. The corporate world may suit you just fine.

Shaker: Get involved in something that is cutting edge. Entrepreneurship may be your best route because it offers you the freedom you need for your unconventional ideas to flourish. A job that is constricting will surely leave you unsatisfied.

Soul Choices by Kathryn AndriesFor more information on working with the four elements and iris types, read Soul Choices: Six Paths to Find Your Life Purpose  by Kathryn Andries

Article contributed by Karen Andries, author of Discover Your Life Purpose

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