Do You Hear Your Inner Voice?

Do you hear your inner voice? As we strive to find our mission in life, we can always find the answers when we listen to our inner self.

This is often challenging because our conscious mind has become so dominant, and loves to chatter. Therefore, the more we being to cultivate a stillness within, the easier it will be to receive important messages. Since the minute we were born, we began to absorb the thoughts and feelings of other people around us. In fact, experts believe that by the age of 7, most of us have already formed a complete set of beliefs about the world. How many of those beliefs have limited our ability to follow our life purpose? Below is a questionnaire designed to help you uncover your inner voice.

  1. What beliefs did you learn as a child?  
    Make a list of as many beliefs you remember hearing growing up. Then decide if these beliefs are helping you along your path. If they are hindering you, you can do some work to clear those beliefs.
  2. What or who makes you envious?
    The people you admire, or the jobs you would like to have, are great indicators of what you really want. Make a list of the people you admire, and then next to each name, write a few of their good qualities. These are clues as to what you are wanting and needing to develop within yourself. Then make a list of the jobs you would like to have, and next to each one, write specifically what you like about that job.
  3. What is the state of your health?
    Our body is a reflection of our thoughts. When we are living in alignment with what our inner self-desires, we tend to experience good overall health. When there is a conflict going on between what our inner self desires, and what we are actually doing, health imbalances are a likely result. If your health is not at the level you desire, examine your thoughts. Are they what you want? Are you responding to your inner desires? If not, then make the changes here to experience a permanent relief from any physical symptoms.
  4. Do you value yourself?
    If you don’t value yourself, then you probably do not honor your needs. Your desires may be ignored for a myriad of reasons you invent. If you don’t feel worthy, you probably don’t believe the great mission you have could be fulfilled by someone as unimportant as yourself. You must first have faith and value in yourself in order to believe in your mission. Then, love yourself enough to take the necessary steps to do what you love.
  5. What does responsibility mean to you?
    Responsibility means being able to respond to anything, either inside or outside yourself. Many of us are great at responding to the outer needs of others and ourselves. But, what about the needs of the inner self? Since they are more subtle, we often ignore them. However, the soul’s needs are just as important, if not more important, then all those outer things that seem so important. The souls has a need to fulfill its purpose. Help yourself by listening and responding to your inner needs.
  6. Does money control you?
    Money affects almost every aspect of our lives. In reality, all money is energy. How can we learn to work with this energy? Do we allow false beliefs about money to affect us? I hear many times people say that if they did what they really love, they wouldn’t make enough money. Do you make choices based on money, or based on what you want to do with your life? When you follow your life purpose, money always follows.
  7. Do you listen to external voices more than your own voice?
    What do your friends, family and the job market tell you do to? Everyone usually has his or her opinion of what would be best for you to do. By following their advice, you give up your power to make your own decisions. Using the 6 intuitive sciences in the life purpose method will get you in touch with what you truly are meant to do.
  8. What did you like to do as a child?
    When we are young, we are often more in tune with our mission. We do only what interests us. Closely look at the games you played, the activities you enjoyed, and you will see what your soul came here to do. It is only when we become adults that we do things we don’t really want to do, such as working at an unsatisfying job for too long!
  9. Do you understand your influences?
    We are influenced by many factors, including the planets, our name, birth date, and the patterns in our hands and eyes. If you are not sure what your influences are, you may feel confused about many aspects of your life. Learning to understand yourself is the first key to knowing your life purpose.
  10. Do you feel passionate about life?
    If you aren’t excited about each day, you are not in alignment with your life purpose. When we are doing what we love, each day is like a new opportunity to show off our gifts and talents. The happiness we fell is coming from the inside, that contentment the soul experiences when we follow what we came here to do.

Article contributed by Karen Andries, author of the “Discover Your Life Purpose Course”

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