Expecto Patronum

Do you remember in the Harry Potter series the training for how to deal with dementors; or doubt, or that which would constrict or constrain us—that which would cause us to live in our littleness?

The wizard’s training is to take the magic wand in your hand, think of the happiest thought you can think and then say, “expecto patronum.” When you say that, it is as if there is a new vibration that emerges and it absolutely re-establishes that person’s safety and balance.

So if there is any doubt today that you’re experiencing, anything, in any part of you—and there is going to be, because we’re in a human experience today—let us practice our own wizard’s training and think of the happiest thought we can think in the moment when the doubt tries to gain entrance and control.

Expecto perfection, expecto a higher power to be at work, expecto . . . and then you and I choose to move into an expectation of our good by first thinking the happiest thought we can, secondly, casting a strong energy clearing our way. Expecto Patronum!

An excerpt from the book, The Miracle Minute, by Mary Morrissey

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