FEAR Re-defined

FEAR is what we experience when we come to the border of what we’ve known. It can rise up when we are stretched beyond our comfort zone. But, fear is only an experience that we are having. It doesn’t have to define us or hold us back.

At the crossroad of Fear are two choices:

Forget Everything And Run  – or –  Face Everything And Rise.

So what determines which path we’ll take? It’s our willingness to stay in an empowering belief…The belief that the Universe is always friendly to us and is always seeking for our best interest.

When we persevere in this belief, we can relax into any circumstance and trust that it is another step in our growth and progression. We can trust that a Higher Power continually has our back and knows our deepest desires. We can allow every experience to be a stepping stone rather than a stumbling block even if it scares us to death and even if it isn’t a success.  

When we can “Feel the fear and do it anyway,” we can trust that, regardless of the specific outcome, we will always rise to a new level of understanding, empathy and strength. In the end, it isn’t the completed goal that really matters. It’s the journey that we’ve chosen and all of its associated highs and lows. If the journey doesn’t scare us from time to time, it isn’t challenging enough to really stretch us into all that we can become.

So, take that leap and trust that you will always RISE when you do.

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