Giving and Receiving

“Give and you will receive.” Luke 6:38

I tend to think that the idea behind this quotation is that when we give to others, we receive favor from God.

Yet, I think there is another way to look at it as well. Generally, we think of giving in positive terms, but we can also give negatively. Giving positively attracts people to you in a good way. In contrast, when we express anger towards someone, generally we get anger back. When we are impatient, so are those around us. When we are unforgiving, so are they.

Yet, when we are calm, the chances that others will remain or become calm increases. When we are patient, so are they. When we are forgiving, we will be forgiven. It is abundantly obvious that we feel a whole lot better when we give in a positive way rather than negatively, especially afterward.

When we choose to give positively, particularly when tempted to do otherwise, we receive and retain more energy and peace of mind. And that is a real blessing.

“Give and you will receive” is the central concept of my book Referral Upgrade and is also what makes it work.

Contributed by Hank Frazee, Author of Referral Upgrade and Before We Say “Goodnight”

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