Go Confidently

Take a moment to reflect about what it is you long for in your life? Does it often seem out of your reach?

The good news is that we are only limited by our ability and willingness to believe in a possibility for our life. And the first most vital step in developing a greater believing in the possibility is to ask, “If I believed it were possible, what step could I take?”

The secret is to just “endeavor” and to take that next step with confidence.

You don’t even have to do it perfectly. Inch by inch and step by step as you do what you can with what you have, you will cross an invisible boundary. Opportunities will start to line up, and things that look like “miracles” to others will start to happen for you. What once existed as just a possibility will move into your reality.

What small step could you take right now, in the next five minutes, that would move you toward a possibility you would love? Go confidently and take it! Live the life that others dare only to imagine!

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