7 Keys to Harnessing Your Greatness

We all tend to admire great people who have shaped the way the world is through their personal courage like Gandhi, or Nelson Mandela. Compared with these giants of mankind, our lives can seem insignificant. But in fact, greatness is hidden within all of us.

Here are a few ways to bring out the Greatness in You:

Believe Your Life and Your Dream Matters. Greatness doesn’t mean that you need to do huge things. It means that whatever you do, you do it with your whole heart.

Understand you are the only person who can stop you. It doesn’t matter what others believe – it only matters what you believe.

Focus on Impact Instead of Outcome. Small acts of kindness can have huge ripple effects. When we focus on the positive impact we can make on others and the good we can do in the world instead of on trying to be “successful”, success becomes inevitable. We are compensated in life according to the impact we generate.

Let Yourself Be Pulled By Your Purpose and Passion. Our passion and purpose are the secret weapons that can uncover our hidden greatness. It’s the “why” that keeps us going and helps us to overcome obstacles and setbacks.

Live In a Spirit of Gratefulness. Sometimes we tend to focus on the challenges and not on what is going well in our lives. When we put our attention on all we have to be grateful for – no matter how small or insignificant – we change the energy around us and start to attract more and more great things into our lives.

Stay Calm and Keep Going. When setbacks and hardships come along, don’t get rattled. Create a plan and instead of getting upset, adjust your course.

Get Back Up. Look at how often toddlers fall over when they learn to walk. Making mistakes means we are learning. Look at falling as feedback, not failure. Each time we fall, we gain new insight, which brings us one step closer to our goal.

Keep going! There is greatness in you!

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