Hurricane Harvey: Today We Are All Texans

Join us in sending love, real support and prayers to everyone affected by the catastrophic flooding and devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey.

We are incredibly moved and inspired by the courageous rescuers who put their lives on the line and brave citizens who are working to rebuild their shattered communities throughout Southeast Texas and the Gulf Coast.

As the memory of the storm begins to fade from the media, we know that the recovery process will be long and difficult, so we invite you continue to show your love and support to our brothers and sisters who are suffering with your TIME, your DONATIONS and your PRAYERS…

…And by sharing this video message as a Free Sharable VideoCard with others with a convenient link to the Red Cross Donation page. It’s FREE and easy to do.

  1. Click this VideoCard link: We Are All Texans
  2. Click “Share This Message” button at the top right of the card. Once you do, you can watch your impact spread on a real-time map. It’s really cool, and it is a great way to encourage your friend and followers to continue to support those so greatly affected.

Thanks for sharing and caring!

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