Organize Your Wallet

While trying to keep an office, a car, and an entire home organized, it is easy to forget about an item that we use on a daily basis—our wallet! How many times have you been checking out at the store counter while rummaging through a collection of membership cards, coupons, photos, gift cards, and even candy wrappers before you get to your cash? Weeding through a cluttered wallet is time-consuming and can be a bit embarrassing.

But more importantly, what does an unorganized, cluttered wallet say to your subconscious about your respect for money, and how does that affect your financial abundance and flow? Clutter is stuck energy. While we know what a energy booster walking into a clean house, or clearing an office or a closet is to our emotional and physical well-being, the same applies to our wallet – the place where we place our physical money.

Below are some great tips on how to manage some of the most commonly kept items in your wallet, and to create an organized and welcoming space for financial abundance.

Receipt Organizer – Many important receipts find their way into our wallets and never find their way out. It is time to find them a new home. Every week, make it a habit to take the receipts out of your wallet and store them in a mini accordion folder, which can be found at any office supply store. You can organize the folders by type of purchase, such as “groceries”, “clothes”, and “gifts” or by date so that you can clear out the older ones as time passes. The same can be done for coupons in your wallet.

Picture Perfect – There are other places to display wallet-sized photos other than in your wallet. When there are too many pictures jammed in a wallet, it is rare that you will enjoy them as much as if they were in plain sight. If you like to keep a reminder of loved ones nearby, place them in small frames and keep them in your office or throughout your home. You can put one in your car visor if it has a band or clip, or laminate them at an office supply store and keep them as book marks.

Personal papers – If you must carry personal documents, such as an insurance or social security card, make copies of them and keep the real documents at home. Not only is the slimmer copy easier to fit in your wallet, but it is also a safer option in case you get pick-pocketed.

Credit Card Limit – Just as you can limit the credit limit on a card, limit the number of cards you carry! Try to keep only one to two credit or debit cards in your wallet at a time. If you really need to keep more with you, put them in a separate card organizer so they don’t get mixed up with your most frequently used cards.

ID Window – It is very convenient to use a wallet with a clear pocket to keep your license or other form of identification. This way, every time your identity is challenged you don’t have to pull it out and risk putting it back in the wrong place.

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