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Now That’s The Marriage I Want!

My favorite movie growing up was Walt Disney’s animated Robin Hood — I watched it about a zillion times. Why? Because only a hero as cunning and courageous and charming as Robin Hood could get a girl like Maid Marian. Oh, Maid Marian. (I understand that she’s a cartoon fox, …

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Track Your Joy

Paying tribute to small moments of happiness throughout your day imprints them on your memory, making your life richer and more colorful. Often we don’t slow down enough to savor the bits of happy scattered throughout our days. Those all add up to happiness. Happiness is not some rosy high …

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Organize Your Wallet

While trying to keep an office, a car, and an entire home organized, it is easy to forget about an item that we use on a daily basis—our wallet! How many times have you been checking out at the store counter while rummaging through a collection of membership cards, coupons, …

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