Pulling Our Problems

As I travel, I often take my rolling computer bag, which has a long handle on it so I can avoid having to carry all of the things I need to have while I’m on the plane.

I used to have a habit of pushing the bag in front of me. Any time it hit a bump or anytime a door threshold was there, it would cause a stumble for me. It was actually so much more difficult to push it.

Then I begin to notice that if I would pull the bag instead, I could actually pull it with my little finger. I thought about the law of physics and how much easier it is to pull than to push—and how that works with our own life issues.

When I let my issues lead me, when I let my concerns lead me, any little bump can throw me off. But if I put them behind me like Jesus said, “Get thee behind me,” then whatever it is, I am able to handle. The strength that is required to handle whatever shows up can be as little as the power in my little finger.

I’m not sure that’s the law of physics, but I’ll bet it’s a law of metaphysics.

An excerpt from “The Miracle Minute” by Mary Morrissey

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