Sometimes in life, it feels like we are going against the wind…and it’s easy to cringe when we feel the winds of challenge smacking us in the face or see what looks like an impossible circumstance we must overcome.

Opportunity is always disguised as effort and, when we’ve been facing a challenge for a long time, that opportunity may feel more daunting than inviting. But, it is the resistance that creates the very opportunity we have been seeking.

Most of us either want the resistance to stop or feel that we just need to push harder against it to conquer it. But, in doing so, we usually find that the more we fight it, the more it shows up for us. What we resist persists.

Like the bird or the plane in flight, we can harness the power available to us through resistance by leaning into it. Rather than trying to conquer or eliminate the challenge, we can ask, “What has this come into my life to show or teach me?” When we begin to embrace the gifts that challenges bring us and lean into the “wind,” we discover that rather than forcing us to the ground, the opportunity of that circumstance will actually begin to create lift in our lives and carry us to a whole new place. We will begin to soar above the challenge.

So let’s take a moment right now to ask ourselves, “What feels like ‘resistance’ in my life right now? And what opportunity might it be inviting me to see?”

Happy Flying!

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