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The Paradox

Mother Teresa understood the true meaning of “giving until it hurts.” She realized it is about extending love and compassion to another person without strings or conditions – when it’s uncomfortable, inconvenient and often unreturned. Sometimes we resist the “give” because it’s uncomfortable to meet the other in their place of …

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A Love Like That

Just as the sun shines upon the earth with its constant life-giving beams, a heart filled with unconditional love gives without any expectation and with no strings attached. A love like that can change someone else’s life and the world we live in completely. When we allow ourselves to understand …

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Darkness & Light

“There is no darkness in this Universe. There is only the presence of light and the absence of it.” – Albert Einstein (paraphrased) This comment may sound a little deep, but it is backed by actual science. In truth, darkness is only the absence of light. No matter how hard …

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