The Divine Design of Your Life

A statement I often hear from people is, “I don’t know why I am here.” Or, “I’m not sure if I am doing what I am really here for.” Have you every wondered about that?

Jesus Christ gave us the perfect example of learning and living the divine design for our life. When questioned, He said, “I am about my Father’s business.” And, He went on to prove this to be true.

Each one of us can be about our “Father’s Business” – which is the real intention for each individual – however, not everyone discovers what that is. To some it seems a most difficult task – if they do get around to really asking. Some never bother to ask and live out their whole lives ignorant of what they really should be doing; never to be really fulfilled. To others, it may take years to get around to asking, and discovering, but that is better than never!

Personally, it took me nearly thirty years to get around to really seeking, and a little longer for it to be revealed to me. When it came it was what seemed to me, a rather strange way.

For several years I had rejected traditional religion but had nothing in its place. Finally, a time came when I was miserable with a case of strep throat. When I thought I had suffered enough, I prayed in the best I could regardless of the fact that I had never really learned how to pray effectively, if at all, and hadn’t prayed for years. So, what I did was to make a “bargain” with God in which I said that if He would make me well, I would do anything He asked of me. I really didn’t expect that anything positive would happen. I wasn’t even sure if I could depend on God to do anything because I believed He had long forgotten about me. Fortunately, I was in for a surprise! Within 24 hours, I was healed!

Although I soon forgot about the “bargain” I had made with God, it was not long before I learned that God had not forgotten! He had kept His part and now He expected me to keep mine. Since that time, I have learned that making bargains with God is not necessary nor is it the right way to pray, and I don’t recommend it. Nevertheless, it seemed to work for me at the time. I have since learned that Scientific or affirmative Prayer is best.

At about that time in my life, frustrated, dissatisfied, and floundering, I was earnestly seeking my right work in which I could be creatively fulfilled. After about two years of seeking, I heard a voice in my head telling me what I was to do which was very different than what I had been doing. Shortly thereafter, I began my studies to become a Unity Minister, already having found Unity as my “spiritual home.” Subsequently, I completed all of the required training, and was licensed as a Unity Minister in October, 1964, and ordained in June, 1966.

It was about that time, I discovered that I liked to write, especially letters. Since that time, I have written thousands of letters (print and e-mail) to people who asked for prayer and guidance, and have authored eleven print books, of which six and two more are e-books. My writing style is personal as though I am writing a letter to a friend or someone who needs my help. Now I spend a lot of time at my computer, answering requests for prayer. It’s a wonderful way to help people where they are, and often to do it rather quickly! I love my work.

My work is very rewarding. Sometimes, though, I wondered if there wasn’t something else I should be doing and even trying to go in a different direction, once in a while. Finally, quite a number of years ago, I heard that voice in me say,“Don’t you know you are about your Father’s business?” After that I quit seeking and really accepted that I am doing what God wants me to do while I am here on Mother Earth, and am at peace with that. The rewards are wonderful, in so many ways.

You, too, can discover what the Divine Design for your life is by asking – sincerely asking. Florence Scovell Shinn, writing in her book, The Game of Life, suggests a very effective way of having that revealed to you. She says to let your demand be:

“Infinite Spirit, open the way for the Divine Design of my life to manifest; let the genius within me now be released; let me see clearly the perfect plan.”

When you ask, open your mind and listen. Be alert. If the Divine Design of your life is not revealed immediately, keep asking, affirming—and listening. It might be revealed in bits and pieces or, all at once, or it may come when you are least expecting it. For me it was a definite leading, and it became very clear to me while sitting in a Unity church service one Sunday in Seattle, Washington. While relaxed and listening to the speaker, I heard the“voice” in my head say, “John, be a Unity Minister.” From that moment on, I knew what “my Father’s business” for me was, and took immediate steps to fulfill it.

The Divine Design of your life includes being creatively fulfilled as well as healthy, happy, loving and loved, and as prosperous as you really want to be. It may be for you, as it was for me, a totally different path than you are now on, or to get very interested in doing what you are doing now.

God as Infinite Intelligence is all-knowing, and always within you. Take some time and quiet your mind, and after you have established conscious contact with the loving, peaceful presence of God within, gently ask for the right and perfect plan for your life to be revealed to you. Use the above statement, speaking it several times. Then, listen. You may get a leading, hear a “voice,” or not get anything. Keep asking, affirming. Think about what you are already doing. Sometimes when someone asks me if I could help them discover their real purpose in life, I will ask them what they are doing now, and do they really enjoy it. Sometimes their present endeavor is the right plan for them. It just needs to be accepted, or to be refined in some way. Often a change in attitude is in order.

When the Divine Design of Your Life is revealed to you, listen carefully. Pay attention. Then get busy fulfilling your purpose for being here. Pray as you go. As someone said, “Treat and move your feet!” Make positive prayer the foundation of your life and you will be amazed at what happens. (For more information on Positive Prayer, please ask.)

We are all here to be about our Father’s business. His business is the business of loving and being loved, to grow spiritually, to gain in spiritual enlightenment; it is kindness and thoughtfulness, peace and prosperity, creative fulfillment, contributing positively to all of humanity on Mother Earth. There are as many ways to be about God’s business as there are people. There is something divinely designed just for you.

Jesus affirmed that we have the authority to do great things. Often those are done in small ways. Ask for the Divine Design of your life to be revealed to you, but in the meantime, do all the good you can for as many people as you can, every day that you can. And, when the time comes for you to leave Mother Earth for awhile, you can say,“Thank You, God. That was a great trip!”

Contributed by Rev. John W. Adams, author of Prosperity for the Millions

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