Track Your Joy

Paying tribute to small moments of happiness throughout your day imprints them on your memory, making your life richer and more colorful.

Often we don’t slow down enough to savor the bits of happy scattered throughout our days. Those all add up to happiness. Happiness is not some rosy high you walk around in all day like a fog. It’s appreciating the tiny joys and beauties in your daily life.

One way to increase your happiness is to become aware of all the little things that bring you joy. A great way to do that is to keep a happiness journal, and write down bright moments that happened during your day. Studies have shown that women who keep a journal and write about their happy times experienced an overall happier outlook than those who didn’t. And medical studies say that the physical act of smiling releases hormones and enzymes that make you feel good. If you created your own list of smile-inducing tidbits to revisit regularly, could you generate more smiles and increase your happiness quotient?

Why not keep a small pocket-size journal or notebook in your purse, and jot down joyful moments throughout the day. Give it a try and watch your happiness increase exponentially!

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